Wayfinding made simple

Guide your audience through the right way at the right time

Phygital. The New Experience.

Enhance how professionals get connected.

Upload your floor plan

Add your 2D or 3D map into the system to visualize rooms, desks and any points of interest such as kitchen, restrooms and elevators to give the full overview about your workplace, divided by floor or filtered in a smart way.

Choose your view

Select the best way for your activities to be seen at a glance to properly benefit the right audience, no matter if it's by space or time, in a grid or an agenda mode.

Help people finding the right information

Simplify the logistics and movements of daily life in the workplace so people can focus on the work that matters and make productive connections.

Key Features

All you need to have to make your workplace easy and accessible

Interactive Map View

Get an instant overview of available and occupied rooms, desks and areas in your workplace.

Live Update Info

Keep always people updated on meetings, topics and occupancy to the sudden change of plans.

Agenda View

Give the overview of ongoing and upcoming meetings throughout the day to show the meeting schedule.

Easy Wayfinding

Show directions and instructions about how to reach a specific room or area of your workplace for visitors and meeting attendees.

Custom Messaging

Create your own message to welcome visitors and show guests that you care about their experience in your workplace.

LightBook Room Integration

Combine View Point and Room modules to enable the full power of LightBook Suite by displaying interactive live rooms occupancy.

LightBook Desk Integration

Combine View Point and Desk modules to enable the full power of LightBook Suite by displaying interactive live desks occupancy.

LightBook Signage Integration

Combine View Point and Signage modules to enable the full power of LightBook Suite by displaying interactive maps on TV screens.

Supported file format

Find all the different types of files you can upload into LightBook

Supported Systems for LightBook TV App

LightBook is also a free application that can be installed on a computer connected to a monitor or TV or directly on your smart TV, in order to use the Signage and View Point modules via a simple internet or network connection, available among the most commonly used systems.

Your online booking system is just a few clicks away

LightBook disrupts the old way booking process was imagined. It’s easy to set up and use, reducing long and painful process of learning new software.