Room booking made simple

Make your spaces easily accessible to everyone

Phygital. The New Experience.

Enhance how professionals get connected.

Find room availability

Make the most out of your spaces and easily search free rooms by capacity, technical equipment and position.

Schedule your meeting

Make personalized booking by choosing room, name of the meeting, time, recurrence and change details rapidly for everyone.

Invite people to join in-person or remotely

Notify co-workers, collaborators or external vendors inviting them into a specific space or sending an automated online link for the ones who need to meet remotely.

Key Features

All you need to have to make your workplace smart

Schedule displays

Clearly display a room’s upcoming schedule and book from right outside open rooms

Color-coded availability

Easily find an available space with green, yellow, and red indicators on LightBook tablet

Check-in and end meeting

Secure your room by checking in and then free up space for others by tapping end meeting

Space usage analytics

Make smarter decisions about your space with analytics on rooms usage

Privacy control

Hide meeting names to protect sensitive meetings

Admin alerts

Receive immediate alerts via email if a room ever goes offline

Calendar Integration

A single place to convey and keep all your calendars and meetings updated

Customize interface

An additional service to insert your logos and colors and build a complete custom branded experience

Supported Systems

Find all calendar and online meeting systems compatible with LightBook

LightBook Smartphone App

LightBook is also a free application for your mobile phone that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices.
If enabled by the organization you are referring to, within the app you will find the Room, Desk and People modules to manage your physical and digital presence combined to the use of business resources in a dynamic and safe way.

Your online booking system is just a few clicks away

LightBook disrupts the old way booking process was imagined. It’s easy to set up and use, reducing long and painful process of learning new software.