Desk booking made simple

Empower people to reserve a spot making your workplace hybrid and flexible

Phygital. The New Experience.

Enhance how professionals get connected.

Check floor plan

Exploring the interactive floor plan you can easily find available seats and areas, rooms, open tables or any other resources occupancy.

Book a spot in advance or for the moment

Pick your preferred workspace or resource in a few clicks planning your presence to maximize your tools usage.

Check-in via QR code or devices

Notify your presence with the right features to avoid no shows and connect people live in the workplace at the right time.

Key Features

All you need to have to make your workspace available to anyone

Desk hoteling

Allows to reserve a desk multiple days or even weeks in advance

Unused desk protection

Allows to free up their desk when they no longer need it so no space is wasted

Mobile app

Make it easy for everyone to find and book a desk directly from the LightBook mobile app


Highlight specific areas where teammates can sit near each other to work and collaborate

Desk analytics

Make smarter decisions to optimize your office space and lower real estate costs

Hybrid work

Availability based on your office’s capacity and social distancing guidelines


Set your space, areas and resource groups creating custom views and assigning managers

Combine resources

Expand LightBook Desk module to parking slots, play area, quiet room or other productivity tools

Supported Systems

Find all calendar and online meeting systems compatible with LightBook

LightBook Smartphone App

LightBook is also a free application for your mobile phone that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices.
If enabled by the organization you are referring to, within the app you will find the Room, Desk and People modules to manage your physical and digital presence combined to the use of business resources in a dynamic and safe way.

Your online booking system is just a few clicks away

LightBook disrupts the old way booking process was imagined. It’s easy to set up and use, reducing long and painful process of learning new software.