Build your modern digital and physical workplace

Foster collaboration, reduce conflicts over bookings, optimize people agenda and make smarter decisions about resources

Phygital. The New Experience.

Enhance how professionals get connected.

Collaboration makes easy with powerful tools to simplify how networking takes place

LightBook is the collaborative tool you need to integrate with your current HR or resource platform with digital app and physical device, a web portal to ease time and workplace management, turning any meeting organization into a big event planning.

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Use it where you need it

Keep your workplace healthy and productive while ensuring employees and visitors’ safety.

Meeting Room
Book your space matching people calendar and availability
Co-Working Space
Reserve a desk freeing up unused space on a real-time basis
Medical Center
Manage patients’ attendance avoiding crowdy waiting rooms
Locate resources density ensuring social distancing
Public Office
Organize stream of visitors based on requests and needs
Beauty Center
Welcome customers by keeping them scheduled and safe

The best way to manage your business assets

Identifying, monitoring and keeping track of your assets can help you when it comes to check the location, value, and performance of company assets. It can also boost productivity and efficiency levels by helping prevent loss, damage or unexpected repairs, giving a significant return on investment.